Pop at your own time. by Otto Cannon

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2 min readApr 14, 2018

My mom was hurriedly getting ready for the women’s meeting in church that evening when I stopped by at home. As the district women leader, she had to moderate the meeting, but she quickly delegated her deputy to lead.

I could see the joy and excitement on her face as she smiled brightly waiting for me to step out of the car.

Ńkpoma mummy; she called me like she usually calls and then she gave me a warm embrace.

What will you eat ? I made your favorite Afang. Or you want Ekpankoko? ‘Mummy I’m full o’, I responded, let me just have that milk popcorn you usually make.

She’s always ready like a scout, in no time, the pan was on fire and the vegetable oil was put in, then in a short while, the corn.

All this time I was exchanging pleasantries with granny who was reading one of her numerous Spanish magazines under the avocado pear tree.

From my little distance away from the kitchen, I could hear the first corn pop and very unlikely it caught my attention. It took about 5 seconds before I could hear the next pop sound and 2 seconds after that, I could hear three more pop sounds in quick succession. Then about 4 more and about 7 more and then they all began to pop like a disorganized drumbeat.

I wondered , they were all put in same oil in same pot on same heat at the same time yet they all didn’t pop at same time.. They all popped eventually at their own time having absorbed the heat at their own pace.

That’s exactly how our lives on earth is.

Absorb and deal with the pressure and heat of life at your own pace and you will pop at your own time.

Imagine where former President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Yemi Osibanjo were when Charlie boy held down Nigeria and Africa on the height of fame and glory.

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